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When it comes to working with an attorney on matters of importance to you, it is always essential to choose one that is experienced. There are any number of firms that will meet that benchmark. Finding the right one for you is not an easy task.

We at SalfiLaw, P.A. have over 50 years of handling matters for hundreds of Central Florida clients. This time includes the senior partner’s 15 years as a Circuit Court Judge and also serving as the first State Attorney in the Eighteenth Circuit. We understand Florida law, and are licensed to practice in both State and Federal Courts, as well as Federal Courts in other states under specific circumstances. Because of our legal time in the courtroom and on the bench, we have focused on litigating, including business, injury, and fraud issues along with many complex family law matters. Our litigation experience has also allowed us to assist many business clients in setting up and maintaining successful companies here in Florida.

We value having clients who at the end of the day appreciate the time, energy and skill we bring to their personal matters. We are one of the few firms that contractually give our clients an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction for every billing period, as long as they bring their concerns to us timely. For details on this see our Fees Page.

No matter which side of a legal matter someone is on, they deserve trusted legal representation that can provide them with peace of mind, and help them see that justice will be done in their case. We offer many years of trial and litigation experience, along with access to professionals and experts who can offer insight into a number of concerns a client may face. Our Florida clients can feel confident that they have dedicated professionals representing them and their particular legal interests.

If you need an attorney and you are looking for a firm as described above, please contact SalfiLaw, P.A. today and give us an opportunity to discuss your matter with you.

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