About Our Firm

We are a professional association experienced in business and trial work with an emphasis in litigation practice. This means we represent clients in numerous legal areas and can proceed to litigation in the courts that is required to meet the ends of our clients. We are admitted to practice in Federal and State Courts in Florida, and we can practice in all other Federal Courts on a case by case basis. Each and every member of our staff – whether attorney, legal assistant, investigator, technical advisor, or support staff – is qualified and has been carefully chosen for their skills in their particular field. Our firm has access to well-respected experts who are often indispensable to providing you with the best presentation of your case.

We have considerable experience representing clients who have been injured – physically, psychologically, or financially – when due to the fault of someone else or who are being threatened with injury by someone else. This experience includes handling general negligence cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice and violations of civil rights. Our litigation experience includes representing both individual and corporate Defenants and Plaintiffs as well as deciding such cases as a Circuit Judge.

We have been awarded an AV rating by the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. An AV rating signifies that our firm’s legal abilities are of the very highest standard and that our professional ethics and conduct are above question.

We are a progressive firm which strives for excellence in achieving justice for our clients through education and technology. We encourage each of our clients to get involved in their case and learn about what is taking place in their legal problems so that they are able to directly participate in the decisions that will affect their lives. We are supported by advanced computer technology specially configured for increased efficiency. We believe that the continued confidence of our clients and our fellow professionals is the key to our growth as a law firm of the twenty-first century.