The relationship between a client and his or her attorney requires complete trust and confidence between them. This is usually not a problem. You should understand that you are not obligated to retain our firm and we are not obligated to take your case, if we do not feel comfortable with each other. We can also assist in referring you to an attorney who handles the types of cases which we do not.

Your work will be done in complete confidence, and no one will ever learn from us that you came to our office. Our attorneys and paralegals will ask questions about you and your case. Some questions may be personal. Every question is important, because it will help us help you. Anything you tell us is strictly confidential and will only be released with your approval.

Our policy is to keep you informed about the progress of your case as we go along. We can communicate with you via telephone, facsimile, U.S. Mail, or electronic mail. We can customize our communications to meet your needs. A legal assistant will be assigned to your case who will work closely with your attorney and will always be well-informed of the progress of your case. The legal assistants are available when your attorney is not and can answer many of the questions you may have. Feel free to call if you have any questions regarding your case. Regardless of the type of case, each one is important to us.