In most cases, our fees are based upon the time spent and the hourly billing rate for that attorney or staff member responsible for the task. Most of our cases fall into that billing method. In most personal injury cases we handle them as a contingent fee, which is a percentage of the amount recovered. Therefore the client does not have to pay for our time as we prosecute the case.

Occasionally, there are cases when a flat fee is appropriate. Although most clients want to know how much this matter will costs, and a flat fee gives them that comfort, the problem that many clients experience when they negotiate a flat fee is that once that attorney’s time exceeds what his normal rate would be, they have a tendency to avoid doing the tasks that contribute to the success of that matter.

Our firm has had many clients who have been to a firm that handled their case for a set amount of money and they were very dissatisfied due to their inability to get any meaningful information from that attorney about their case. They come to us wanting to know what is happening in their case, and what are the options they have to bring that matter to a successful conclusion.

Sometimes in certain types of cases we agree to a blended rate, which is a reduced hourly rate for the attorney and staff that is responsible for the work on that matter and a percentage of the recovery at the end of the case. In this way, the client does not have to endure the full amount of the hourly fees and the attorney gets a chance to recover that which he did not get paid for in the monthly billing at the end of the matter.

Because monthly hourly billing is the most common way to properly value the time and effort that our firm invests in our clients matters, we have designed a way to provide a degree of control by the client over the amount of fees they invest in a case. We have designed a money back guarantee for our monthly billed clients. We provide them with a detailed billing on a monthly basis and require them to carefully review these billings. If they find errors or find that the time spent is not what they intended when they executed their Legal Representation Agreement, they can promptly come to our office and explain their concerns and we will make every effort to correct those matters. In the event that we cannot accomplish that, then we will void the entire bill and do what we can to assist that client to obtain the services of another law firm that will be in a better position to satisfy the client. We are one of the rare firms that provide this kind of guarantee to our clients.

If you chose our firm to handle your matter please discuss the fee arrangement with the attorney during your initial consultation at our law firm. When you get a copy of your proposed Legal Representation Agreement please read it carefully. Discuss with you attorney any matters that you don’t understand or terms that concern you. You are encouraged to ask about our billing procedures.