In today’s world, attorneys advertise heavily to gather up as many injury cases as they can. Many firms are simply assembly lines of thousands of injury case moving through to a settlement and rarely a trial. Many injured clients are being served by this system. We do not disparage these firms.

However, our firm handles a few select cases, even though our senior attorney has been handling injury cases as a attorney for injured clients for about forty-one years and as a circuit judge for sixteen years. During that time, we have seen most kinds of causes of injured clients and have worked to bring about a satisfactory result for each of them.

An injury is often not just a one-time event, because there is lasting harm in many cases that also has to be addressed. With that harm comes many expenses, which often add up significantly.

Often injuries that seem simple at the time turn out to be life-long and obtaining compensation for continuing injuries are never easy. There may be a number of issues in your case and a lot of options to consider, so understanding where to begin is vital to receiving fair and just compensation in your case

We are focused on serving all of Florida, so no matter where you are in the state we can hear your case and give you information and guidance on how best to proceed.

We do not advertise on TV or on the radio. We do not advertise on billboards. We do not tout those case were we obtained a large recovery. And we do not speak unkindly to those firms that do. We do look to represent those few clients who would prefer to be represented by a small firm and not be in an assembly line type of practice.

Being injured sometimes is devastating. If you have been injured by the negligence of others and you would like the personal attention of experienced litigation attorneys then you may consider our firm to help you through these events.

If you think you may need an attorney serving all of Florida, contact SalfiLaw, P.A. today to get the help you are looking for.